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Candace holds a place of unlimited kindness. Being on a spiritual journey is not always easy and in frustration I find it is all too easy to be hard on myself and often unkind. Around Candace there is a ‘field’ of love and kindness that you feel with your heart. It’s like being wrapped in a warm soft blanket of Love and caring. This kindness and acceptance are an immeasurable comfort and help keep me moving forward on the path I have chosen. I’m also learning to hold this place of kindness for myself.

I missed your wonderful perspective and tough love - no non-sense way of calling me on my attitude. Amazing what a few months without spirit perspective can do to someone!


Spirituality is a term that is increasingly used in the personal growth and business worlds. But what does it mean to us individually? Are we meant to accept the term according to our favorite guru, religion, or personal growth expert?  Or can we invite ourselves to look a little deeper and discover and define the qualities of our own, individual relationship to Spirit?

SpiritYOUality gives a name to the process of remembering that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  The letters Y.O.U. stand for the following:

Y stands for Yearning.  We each Yearn for love, peace, the feeling of Home.   We have a sense of the feeling of Home as a baby in the womb, in the embrace of our beloved, in deep meditation and prayer, in the presence of a Master’s work.  It is inherent in each human being.  When we want to be loved, or heard, or known, or valued, or appreciated, or feel connected, we can feel that wanting as something even more than a desire.  It becomes a Yearning, from a place deep inside, that we cannot describe with words.   It is so strong because we have already had an experience of it.   And we want it back.

                              Our Yearning is Divine Grace reaching for us. 

O stands for Orientation.   Because the Yearning is so strong and deep, we continually strive to satisfy it.   We Orient ourselves in a way that we hope will bring the connection and peace we seek.  But, because we were taught that life is hard, that if we do what we are told we will be acceptable, that we mustn’t ask for too much, we concentrate our efforts in ways that are often in direct opposition to what we want, like a compass needle pointing due South when we are trying to go North.  We think that peace is achieved through war.  That being acceptable means starving ourselves.  That Love is conditional.   

              The anxiety of being so removed from the Source of our peace becomes intolerable.   We seek first to find relief.   We fill up the empty space with addictions, anger, jealousy, frustration, greed and pride to name only a few.    It is from fear, not love, that we choose our actions of war and deprivation. 

              Fear will not create peace.  Peace creates peace. 

              Awareness of how our orientation is based on our human effort to recapture our connection with the Divine is a crucial step in allowing peace and love into our lives.

                          Our Orientation is our reaching for Divine Grace.

U stands for Union.  When we combine the awareness of the Yearning (Divine Grace) and a loving Orientation (Human effort), we create the opportunity to become fully aligned with our Higher Self and experience the peace we seek.   This is only possible when our human efforts are aligned with the qualities of Love, Gratitude and Service.    Faith in the Divine is the path. 


The Y.O.U. Method is simple and profound.  Yet, embracing it requires dedication, courage and commitment.  Changing your orientation is a combination of human effort through Inquiry, Clarity and Action with a developing trust that you ARE, already, the Divine love that you seek.  Through the process, you will learn to embrace all of your humanity and your divinity, and live a life of peace, contribution and joy through the alignment of Human Effort and Divine Grace.







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