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A year ago, I had been dumped into a “sort of ”spiritual journey.  I found myself between two worlds:

  • The Old - very ordered, planned, known, organized
  • The New - uncertain, quirky, scary, puzzling

Which way to go and how to get there and where was there?


I knew I needed some guidance and direction on a different level, so I went looking for a counselor.  I’d had years of psychotherapy and was very DONE with pulling myself apart and inspecting the molecules of my wrongness.  I found and interviewed several very qualified life coaches through the Bucks County Women’s Journal.


Then I met Candace and there was no question, this is where I was meant to be, to unfold whatever would come.  The acceptance was immediate, warm and safe.  I felt I could go through whatever it was that was coming, and at that point I really had no idea WHAT was coming, with support, caring and experienced guidance.  All of this unknown, all these questions and turning around of life long held beliefs, was not a comfortable place for me.  Exploring together with Candace I’ve been able to move through it all knowing that whoever I was when I walked in the door that day, I would be safe and cared for.


We’ve been co-creating for almost 5 months now and it’s been an amazing experience.  With her help and because of her consistent love and caring I’ve become more steady on my path, more sure of my exploring. In her joyful acceptance of me Candace, is teaching me to accept and love myself as I am and as I grow to be. This relationship continues to be life changing, enhancing and a pure delight!


Love and thank you,

Donna Jo



Program Objective

The Spirited Life Coaching (SLC) program is designed to shift any limiting belief, behavior or expectation into an experience of curiosity, possibility and peace.   

SLC’s customized personal awareness experiences are transformative. Clients are encouraged to shift limiting beliefs and attitudes in favor of an expanded perspective about their lives and the world in general. This is not therapy, although often issues of unresolved grief and loss are addressed, as they are inherent in the strategies we adopt to manage our lives.

The process of developing an awareness of how we sabotage ourselves and create unnecessary anxiety and stress is essential in a transformational path.


Every issue in our lives asks us to open our hearts.    

As children, our open hearts may have been wounded through our caregiver’s inability to see and nurture our authentic selves.   Experiences of neglect, abuse, abandonment and other behaviors taught us to develop strategies of protection.   We began to see ourselves as less than, or not good enough, needing to grow up before we were ready, taking responsibility for the frightened perceptions of those around us.    This happens in 80 to 95% of families. 

These strategies manifest themselves in our adult lives as overwhelm, anxiety, illness, confusion, exhaustion, frustration or anger, deep sadness and more. 

Our goal is to address each issue as a gift to develop our awareness in how we separate ourselves from our true nature.  Opening our hearts does not mean putting ourselves at risk.  It means living from a place of trusting ourselves enough to be in the world on our own terms, without judgment, defensiveness or fear.

In short, we begin to live in the world as emotionally and spiritually mature adults.   The child within begins to develop trust in our willingness to truly hear and listen to the fears we have carried throughout our lives.  We choose to live from courage, trust, compassion and integrity.

We meet clients where they are.  Issues that are most common include ACOA (adult children of alcoholics, abuse, neglect) education and support, Anxiety, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Relationships (business and personal), Personal Awareness, Grief, Forgiveness, Parenting and Spiritual Growth.

Spirited Life Coaching is dedicated to supporting every human being into a deeper connection to their Creator, themselves and their community.  This requires learning how to live, throughout a life, from personal awareness, faith, responsibiity and service.


A Spirited Life Coach is a personal mentor, trained in practical and spiritual matters, to help guide you into your life’s purpose and out of other people’s expectations.  You and your coach co-create your personal vision, identify the gaps that may exist between what you want and what you have, and develop action plans to bring your dreams into focus.

It is a caring, professional and very real process that will change your life.

Your coach will:

-             Listen to what really matters to you and mirror back what you have said.

-             Acknowledge your strengths and gifts, encouraging creativity and personal growth.

              Hold you accountable for your thoughts, words and actions.

-             Help you create on the outside what you dream of on the inside.

-             Hold your vision, even when you can’t. 


Spirited Life Coaching includes: 

Customized programs

     One size does NOT fit all!    We meet you where you are, with all your hopes, your resistances, your strengths and your excuses.    There is no judgment, only appreciation and curiosity.  We enter into a partnership where your goals are clearly defined, by you, at the start of the program. 

      It is YOUR responsibility to work through the issues that are identified.  It is OUR responsibility to keep you on track and ease you through what might seem impossible.

      Our approach is based on collaboration, we are both student and teacher and through the lens of “there is nothing wrong with you or your life”, we are able to objectively and compassionately shift resistance into acceptance. 

Flexible schedules

      Many wonder “How long will this take?”  There is no answer.  The more you are able to practice the concepts and strategies that are introduced, the sooner you will notice a true change in your experience.   Typically, clients are with us on a consistent basis for 6 months, or approximately 20 sessions, and then as needed for years.

      Appointments are available in person or over the phone (we are looking into Skype).  We typically meet once a week for an hour each time.  However, because we ask for payment in advance, there is a freedom for sessions to extend beyond the hour if necessary.  You can schedule multiple times during a week, or stretch them to once a month.  For new clients, we recommend frequent and consistent sessions, building the “muscles” that will carry you into the rest of your life. 

Email Support

       A significant amount of work is done outside of the sessions.  Some clients find it helpful to touch base via email for additional support and guidance.   Within reason, I will take the time necessary to craft a thoughtful response to every request. I love hearing the "aha's" and celebrations in this way as well.

Audio Recording

         For those who commit to the 3 or 6 month program, audio recordings are available and will be downloaded to you.    This option is now included as a result of the number of clients who brought their own recording devices into the sessions.  With the amount of information we cover, it is easy to forget some of it.  This helps you to recall and use what is most valuable.

Personalize Relaxation Recording

         For those who make a 6 month commitment, I will create a personalized relaxation recording with soothing music, using language that is appropriate to your specific Enneagram type and the issues you have identified.  With your input, I will be able to create what is most appropriate for you in your awareness and releasing process.


Your Responsibility

      The program is designed to support you into knowing yourselves as deeply as possible so you can begin to make choices that reflect your strengths, your dreams and your potential.   As part of this process, you will be asked to do the following:

Personal Snapshot

      Complete an initial “Personal Snapshot” questionnaire, designed to create a picture of your existing life experience and what you currently are looking for in your life through our coaching.   This initial document helps to provide the framework for your personalized program.

Session Prep

       Fill out a weekly “Session Preparation” form.  This form provides a focus for you and the coach to review the work already done and the actions you have agreed to take.  This is emailed the night before your session so that we are creating the energy for our work before even before we meet.

Enneagram Assessment.

       Complete the Enneagram Assessment.  The Enneagram is a spiritual assessment tool that helps to uncover what your particular motivations are in the choices you make.  (   This is an essential tool in Spirited Life Coaching programs as it is our belief that our motivations are responsible for the beliefs we create, the choices we make and also provides the key to freeing ourselves from our habitual perceptions.

Read suggested texts.  

       Each of these texts supports a different aspect of your journey.  


        You are encouraged to keep a notebook as a way to organize the material you will be creating and covering.  We talk about A LOT of things, and the notebook helps to consolidate the information for review and measuring progress.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

You are encouraged to learn EFT as part of your process, if appropriate.    Using the body's energy system, EFT allows you to pinpoint hidden beliefs and patterns and clear them by tapping on specific energy points (similar to acupuncture) while holding the belief in your mind. 

Click on this link for an introduction and demonstration of EFT Tapping.  EFT TAPPING.

For PROGRAM CONTENT, click here.

Spirited Life Coaching is not therapy. It is a highly personal, 24/7 support system dedicated to your success and peace of mind. Because the significant shift in conscious awareness and perception can only happen over a sustained period of time through dedicated support, information gathering, personal inquiry and practice, a minimum of three months is recommended to begin. This option will  only be available on a limited basis until January 1, 2015 when the minimum investment will move to 6 month commitments.  Many clients continue on for additional investments as goals change and confidence grows.  

Every option includes unlimited email and phone support, audio recording of the sessions for enhanced retention and practice and copies of the Grief Recovery Handbook and the Introduction to the Course in Miracles. 

3 month investment is spread over 10 hours of coaching, giving the client ample opportunity to experience and integrate the material.  There is a focus on taking specific actions to integrate the work at a practical and confidence building level.

6 month investments is spread over 20 hours of coaching. 

9 month investement is spread over 30 hours of coaching.

12 month investment is spread over 40 hours of coaching.

Please call for rates.  Thank you!


EFT Support

Because of the rapid and often permanent release of long held beliefs, habits and phobias, I offer EFT sessions on an as needed basis both inside the coaching program and as standalone sessions.  Fee for standalone session is $140.00



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