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Candace holds a place of unlimited kindness. Being on a spiritual journey is not always easy and in frustration I find it is all too easy to be hard on myself and often unkind. Around Candace there is a ‘field’ of love and kindness that you feel with your heart. It’s like being wrapped in a warm soft blanket of Love and caring. This kindness and acceptance are an immeasurable comfort and help keep me moving forward on the path I have chosen. I’m also learning to hold this place of kindness for myself.

I missed your wonderful perspective and tough love - no non-sense way of calling me on my attitude. Amazing what a few months without spirit perspective can do to someone!


Past Life Regression Therapy is effective, fascinating and often miraculous.  

In all cases, the past life regression, because it is created by the client, not the facilitator, will reflect an aspect of the client’s current life that needs attention.  The regression includes a period of deep relaxation, the telling of the story by the client to the therapist including experiencing the death (safely) and then a period of healing, while still in a light trance, through looking back and the life and associating the lessons learned I the previous life with what could be helpful in the current life. 

You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for the therapy to be effective.  Just allow yourself to tell the story you are daydreaming about and you will find yourself feeling as if you are truly reliving a story, complete with details that are most often completely outside of your conscious knowledge.   It is an extraordinary experience.

I have been trained in two methods of Past Life Therapy.

(Dolores Cannon)

Dolores Cannon (author of the Convoluted Universe Series) has perfected her own method of past life regression therapy over the past 45 years.  It is a combination of past life therapy in which the client has an experience of living in a different time/body plus an additional piece in which the facilitator has a conversation with the client’s “higher self”.

 During her early years as a hypnotherapist, Dolores became aware that through her unique technique of induction she was contacting and communicating with a portion of an individual’s consciousness that was indeed a part of them, yet lay far above the level of their conscious mind (the part of ourselves we are aware of and use to interact with others on a personal level).  She asks this part a series of questions the client has brought to the session.    In most cases, this part will answer the questions from a perspective that is far wiser than the client’s conscious wisdom and in many cases will help to facilitate healings that one can only call miraculous.  (rebuilding cartilage, for instance!)

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(Roger Woolger)

Roger Woolger’s ( ) Deep Memory Process  “is a therapeutic technique that uses similar strategies and commands to hypnotic age regression (following a time line backwards, talking to the regressed persona etc) but which also draws strongly from Jung's waking dream technique of active imagination.” 

You are simply encouraged to relive a distressing scene from some other historical time frame, selected from an image that comes to you as if in a daydream, as if it were real and to temporarily take on the "other life" personality as well as the body image and sensations of the "other" personality for the duration of the "regression".  The therapeutic effect of realistically reliving a "past life" trauma in the imagination--whether a story of an accident, abandonment, betrayal, violent death, rape or physical abuse--is similar to the emotional releases experienced with post-traumatic stress therapies used for current life traumas.

Deep Memory Process is a Cadillac of past life regressions in that it encourages the client’s body to relive the trauma in order to release it.  The regression is facilitated with the intent of helping the body release trauma.  In many cases, chronic illnesses and physical ailments experienced in the current life disappear miraculously when the body in a previous life is able to re-experience and release the trauma from the initiating event.   For example, a current life experience of asthma can disappear when the trauma of being suffocated in a previous life is acknowledged and healed.

The client is completely safe and aware throughout the entire process.


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